Wood-aluminum window·Home


A panoptic wood window is visually attractive, with surprisingly a touch of glamour stemming from natural wood texture, adding high comfort and quality to your daily lifestyle.

Classy bedrooms with a quiet and elegant sleep environment make for unforgettable spaces. In terms of window, sound-resistance, air-tightness and a wood naturalness definitely lead to that unforgettable experience.

An educated eye for simplicity and functionality can create study spaces that feel larger, brighter, happier. A space with wood bookshelf, wood desk and chair, wood ornaments, and particularly wood windows, result in a stunning forest breathing at any reading time.

Creative spaces for kids demand high security, brilliant color combination of room stuff, whimsical shapes and forms. And a wood window with beauty-bar, is another singing of love.

A balcony can surprisingly become a cute colorful garden, but with a sunroom design, it is suddenly upgraded to a super functional space, reading, chatting with friends, or any leisure time, offering enjoyment of fantastic surrounding view, warmth of sunshine, even cozy hours under the moonlight.

Configuration with a wood-aluminum window for a bathroom, is striking, and redefine the quality and feeling of lifestyle.

With brightness pouring in through a wood window, the dining area of a home always blesses the full table of delicious foods, offering massively charming life experience, joyfully, peacefully.